Generating error message Instance path is not an instance when starting JSM on Windows

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA Integrator V10.0
Abstract: Possible reasons for generating the error message Instance path is not an instance when starting JSM on Windows
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


A problem starting the JSM Administrator can occur on Windows where changing the directory can invalidate a JSM instance directory. This issue will produce the following error message when an attempt to start JSM is made. 

JSM Administrator error

This issue can occur for many reasons.

1. A missing directory.

As documented in the LANSA Integrator guide section 2.1.1 Start Java Service Manager (STRJSM)

When the JSM instance starts, a check is made for the existence of the following sub-directories below the instance directory:

  • classes
  • jar
  • properties
  • system
  • temp
  • trace

The Java Service Manager can run on a separate machine to the JSM Client.

When you select the option to start the Java Service Manager, you will be prompted to enter the following:


The instance defaults to a value of *DEFAULT. This is the recommended value. The default instance is defined in the JSMMGRDTA data area. This value can be changed using Change Default Instance (CHGJSMDFT).

2. When the folder security settings have been altered.

Windows keeps a bit mask of states for files and folders for example; Archive, Directory, Read Only, Hidden, System. When a change is made to a file/folder the Archive bit gets set. When the security of a folder gets changed the archive bit gets set which leads to the above mentioned problem. 

For example:

  1. A change is made to the security setting on a folder underneath the JSMInstance folder. (notice that "Read = Deny")

    Fig 1. JSMInstance Properties
    Fig 1. JSMInstance Properties
  2. Now the JSMInstance folder has the "Folder is ready for archiving" check box checked (fig 2). This is the problem.
    Fig 2. Advanced Settings
    Fig 2. Advanced Settings


This issue was fixed in EPC722 for all future releases of LANSA Integrator.

The following instructions are for Win 2000. If using a different Windows OS then the procedure would be very similar if not the same.

  1. From Windows Explorer, right click on the JSMInstance folder
  2. Select "Properties"
  3. Under the "General" tab click the "Advance" Button
  4. UNCHECK the "Folder is ready for archiving" check box (see previous image)
  5. Click "OK" the click "Apply"
  6. A window titled "Confirm Attribute Changes" will be presented (see fig 3)
  7. Select the radio button titled "Apply changes to this folder, subfolder and files". (this is needed because this change must be cascaded down the JSMInstance subdirectories
  8. Click OK
    Fig 3. Confirm Attribute Changes
    Fig 3. Confirm Attribute Changes


The error message Instance path is not an instance when starting JSM on Windows can also occur when the checkbox for 'For Fast Searching, allow Indexing Service to index this folder' is not checked in the Advanced Settings (in Fig 2 above). Please ensure that as well as having the Archiving unchecked, that you have the Indexing checked.