Domino Integrated BIFs fail when using DOMINO 6.5

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA for iSeries
Abstract: Pointer error during the open database when using DOMINO 6.5 with LANSA for the Web
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


Using LANSA's DOMINO Integrated BIF (e.g. DOM_OPEN_DATABASE) you may experience the following error  on DOMINO version 6.5.

The error is similar to this:

MCH3601 Information 40 [email protected] [email protected] 007C LANSA [email protected] 00D4

Message . . . . : Pointer not set for location referenced.
Cause . . . . . : A pointer was used, either directly or as a basing
pointer, that has not been set to an address.


This error can occur when the DOMINO environment variable "PATH" is not setup properly. The "PATH" environment variable should be set up on an iSeries using these steps: 

On the OS/400 command line:

  1. Type SETDOMENV (Set Domino Server Environment), use F4 for prompting  and insert the DOMINO Server Name.
  2. Type WRKENVVAR to work with environment variables. Use option 2 against the "PATH" environment variable.

    The value would be similar to this:


    Note: The Level is set to *JOB. This needs to be changed to *SYS.

    Keep a record of this path value.

  3. Sign-off and Sign-on with a user profile with *SECADM authority.
  4. At a command line, type WRKENVAR and use F4 for prompting.
  5. Set the Level to *SYS.
  6. Add the "PATH" environment variable with the value that is recorded in STEP 2.