How to avoid generating a HRESULT error when running the Logical Modeler from a Visual LANSA Network Client

Date: Archived
Product/Release: Visual LANSA V10.0
Abstract: Steps to allow the LANSA Logical Modeler to execute from Network Clients
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


EPC690 introduced a new version of the Logical Modeler in Visual LANSA V10.0. In a Visual LANSA Server (Slave or Independent) and network client environment, starting the logical Modeler from a client may result in a HRESULT error.

This is due to a defect in the install, where required files are not installed to the client, that will be resolved in the next version of Visual LANSA.


To get around this problem and allow the Logical Modeler to be invoked from a network client, the following files need to be copied from the server to each of the clients that is to invoke the Logical Modeler:

  • LDM Data Types.ENG
  • LDM Data Types.xsd
  • LDM Model.xsd
  • LANSA Logical Modeler - Example Model.ldm

These files can be picked up from the server and they should be placed in the same location on the clients.

Note: For French client/server environments, the following 2 files should also be moved from the server to the local directory of the clients:

  • LDM Data Types.FRA