The .RRN files must exist in central location for Shared Server Database

Date: 13 September 2004
Product/Release: Visual LANSA
Abstract: .RRN files must exist in central location for shared server databases otherwise duplicate errors will occur
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Last Review: December 2010


In Visual LANSA, there is one file created for each SQL/ODBC table in the format
          tttttttt is the table name

These are the Relative Record Number files (.RRN) for each table.  Visual LANSA does not have this same concept of relative record numbers as the OS/400 database, thus under Visual LANSA, this automatic allocation of a relative record number must be "emulated".

Where the SQL/ODBC tables reside on a server and it is shared by multiple clients, so should the file(s) nominated by the RPTH= (fully qualified directory for RRN file) parameter. This means that all users sharing the SQL/ODBC table(s) are also sharing the relative record number assignment files and thus allocating numbers from the same "bucket", otherwise duplicate key errors will on occur on INSERT(s) to the table(s).


Modify the RPTH= parameter on the client PCs, which defaults to .../x_win95/x_lansa/x_ppp (where ppp is the partition) to point to a shared drive on the network.

ie: c:/Shared/x_win95/x_lansa/x_ppp