Cannot apply EPCs to a Visual LANSA V10.0 configuration in a Client/Server development environment

Date: Archived
Product/Release: Visual LANSA 10.0
Abstract: Generating an error "No configurations exist that can be updated by this EPC" when applying an EPC or installing a new LANSA product/feature to Visual LANSA V10.0
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


The following error can be generated when trying to apply an EPC to a Visual LANSA V10.0 environment or when installing a new product/feature to an existing V10.0 configuration. For example, installing the LANSA for the Web Utilities to an existing configuration.

Error Message - No configuration exist which can be updated by this EPC

This problem is caused by corruption of the liiconfig.txt file on the Network Server. The 2 currently known causes of liiconfig.txt corruption are:

  1. When performing the Network Client install, the user incorrectly selects the server directory as the local installation directory. This causes the liiconfig.txt on the server to be converted from a Network Server version to a Network Client version.
  2. After successful network server/network clients installs, user elects to install another LANSA feature on the network client ie. Web Administrator, Web utilities etc. Installing the new LANSA feature to an existing network client configuration also corrupts the liiconfig.txt on the server.


Note: As this problem is in the Visual LANSA V10.0 installation, this issue cannot be fixed by EPC for V10.0. However, there are currently two ways to work around it in 10.0

  1. Reinstall Visual LANSA on the network server selecting the same installation type and including all the previous installed features ie. Web support. Note that all EPCs will need to be re-applied.
  2. Contact you local LANSA distributor and inform them that you have experienced this problem. They will request specific information which will allow LANSA support to rectify the network server liiconfig.txt.

We have put corrections in V11.0 to stop the known causes above from occurring.