Microsoft HotFix KB891781 causes Visual LANSA Framework problems when editing RAD-PADs

Date: 25 February 2005
Product/Release: Visual LANSA Framework
Abstract: Applying a Microsoft Hot fix can cause the RAD-PAD to crash
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Last Review: December 2010


This Technical Note has been updated with a permanent Visual LANSA Framework based solution to avoid this problem caused by the Microsoft HotFix KB891781. Refer to Permanent Solution

If you have Microsoft HotFix KB891781 installed, you may generate the following errors editing the Visual LANSA Framework RAD-PAD.

Error Message

Fatal Error


The problem is caused by Microsoft HotFix KB891781 (released on 8th of February 2005). If your PC has downloaded this Microsoft HotFix, a file called dhtmled.ocx is mistakenly replaced causing this problem to occur.

Temporary Solution:

A temporary solution is to uninstall the Microsoft HotFix KB891781 on the system, reboot the machine and restart Visual LANSA Framework Wizard.

If you have the Automatic Download option enabled on your PC, to ensure you do not get this HotFix downloaded the second time when your PC connects to the internet, you can disable the Automatic Download option so that the correct dhtmled.ocx file will not be replaced by the HotFix.

To disable the Automatic Download of updates:

  1. Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Automatic Updates
  2. Check the option "Notify me before downloading any updates..." and click OK.

This will now issue a notification icon when the Microsoft Updates are ready for download. Before downloading, you can uncheck the checkbox next to the HotFix KB891781 from the list of updates to ensure this will not be downloaded again.

Permanent Solution:

The way that the Visual LANSA Framework works has been changed to circumvent this defect in the HotFix. This change involves an updated version of the RAD-PAD.

This change will be shipped with the next version of the Visual LANSA Framework.

If you are using LANSA 11.0 and are unable to remove the defective HotFix, you should contact LANSA support for an updated version of the RAD-PAD software.