Incorrect database type selected by default during Visual LANSA V11.0 Slave installation

Date: 1 September 2005
Product/Release: Visual LANSA V11.0
Abstract: Visual LANSA Typical Slave or Typical Multiple Products Install will select ASA Client/Server database by default, which can cause problems with duplicate Server Names
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


When installing a Slave configuration of Visual LANSA V11.0 using the suggested install instructions, the DBMS selection screen will automatically select Adaptive Server Anywhere Client/Server database.

The ASA Client/Server database is selected as a default for the following install types:

  • Multiple Products Install - Typical Install
  • Visual LANSA Install - Typical Install

If more than one Slave Server exists on the same domain and the default server name of LX_LANSA is not changed, then subsequent installs on other PCs will fail to create the database because duplicate Server names cannot run simultaneously on the same domain.

The Symptoms:

Having multiple database servers named LX_LANSA on the same domain will be noticeable even during the Visual LANSA install. An error may pop up saying "A database server with that name has already started." If you click OK to continue the Visual LANSA install will actually use the remote database server as the local database.

If each PC is installed individually and shut down straight after the install, then you will not see any errors until more than one PC tries to start up at the same time.


There are 2 simple solutions that will prevent this scenario from occurring:

  1. During the install, be sure to select ASA Local Only database type in the DBMS Selection screen.
  2. Specifically select Slave Workstation installation from the Visual LANSA Install screen, instead of the typical install.

In both of these cases the resulting DBMS Selection screen should look like this:

Data Source Name screen

The default for the Typical Install options will be changed in the next full release of the Visual LANSA Software.