"QSYSINC library not found" message during check in an compile of an RDMLX object

Date: 23 September 2005
Product/Release: LANSA for iSeries V11.0
Abstract: Error generated during checkin and compile of RDMLX object (eg. WAM) caused by IBM QSYSINC library not installed
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

In Visual LANSA V11.0, when checking in and compiling RDMLX objects ie. WAMs, the following error can be generated during the compile of the C code on the iSeries:

CPF2110 Escape 40 09/21/05 18:18:19.169728 QLICHLLE QSYS 02E2 QDTSUTIL QDEVTOOLS *STMT
To module . . . . . . . . . : QDTSINIT
To procedure . . . . . . . : QdtsSetupProdLibl
Statement . . . . . . . . . : 19
Message . . . . : Library QSYSINC not found.
Cause . . . . . : Library QSYSINC does not exist in the auxiliary storage pools (ASPs) accessed by the command or API. 
Recovery . . . : Either create the library (CRTLIB command), correct the library name, or make the
primary or secondary auxiliary storage pool (ASP) where storage for the library is allocated accessible to the command or API. 
Then try the request again. To make the ASP accessible, check that the ASP device has the status
required by the command or API (WRKCFGSTS command). Then, if the command or API has an auxiliary storage pool parameter, use it to specify the ASP. Otherwise, set the ASP group containing the ASP as the ASP group for the current thread (SETASPGRP command).

This error is caused when the C compiler is installed on iSeries without installing the IBM QSYSINC library (which IBM have listed as an optional install). The library QSYSINC contains "include" files for the compiler. This error can be avoided by installing library QSYSINC on iSeries.

Note: The library QSYSINC is part of (free) optional deliverables of OS/400 called "OS/400-System Openness Includes", which is part of 57xxSS part 13. Refer to https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/ssw_ibm_i_53/pdf/welcome.htm for further information on QSYSINC and install instructions.