Possible issues deploying an application that makes an automatic connection to an RDMLX server

Date: 15 November 2005
Product/Release: LANSA for iSeries V11.0
Abstract: Deployment Tool does not give the option to deploy an application that makes an automatic SuperServer connection to an RDMLX iSeries
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


When deploying an application it is possible to specify that the application should create an automatic connection to a server. By specifying a Server Type in the Deployment Tool, the relevant PSTY parameter is defined in the Start file of the application. However an issue has been found in the V11.0 Deployment Tool whereby the choices available for Server Type will not not work correctly with RDMLX Server types.

This can result in the following error if you try to access an RDMLX file:

Cannot resolve ot object REAIMP error


This issue will be fixed in a future V11.0 EPC, however until then there are some workarounds which can be used:

First, LANSA recommends that where possible you should be controlling the connection to the SuperServer in your code using the SuperServer Built-In Functions rather than using the PSxx parameters for automatic connections. This method is more secure as it means that server passwords are not kept in plain-text files and gives you control over when and how the connection is made.

The second work-around is for situations where you must deploy the application using an Automatic Connection. You can manually specify the PSTY parameter in the X_RUN Arguments dialog in the Deployment Tool. You should add a line to this dialog box as follows:

X_Run Arguments

This adds a second PSTY parameter to the Start file. Since LANSA only uses the last occurrence of duplicate parameters, the connection is correctly made to an RDMLX server using the other details specified in the SuperServer section of the Deployment Tool