Recursive Triggers in an iSeries RDMLX Partition can loop indefinitely instead of aborting with a recursive error message

Date: 6 January 2006
Product/Release: LANSA for iSeries V11.0
Abstract: When using Triggers in a RDMLX partition running on the iSeries, make sure that there isn't a recursive call back to the original trigger call
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

Before using triggers in your files, refer to Triggers - Some Do's and Don’ts section of the iSeries User Guide in the LANSA Online documentation.

When using triggers, do not have any rules or validations along its access routes that may potentially lead back to any of the triggering paths.

For example, if FileA has a trigger/access route associated with FileB and File B has a trigger/access route linking back to FileA, then you have a case of a recursive operation. In a non-RDMLX partition, a recursive error will be generated but in an RDMLX partition, this recursive operation will cause the process to loop and take up resources..

The recursive behaviour will be addressed such that this will not cause the process to hang and the process will abort with a error message.