Deployment Tool does not recognise Components correctly, lists them as regular fields

Date: 27 February 2006
Product/Release: Visual LANSA V11.0
Abstract: The presence of old Internal File OAMs will cause the Deployment Tool to list all components/forms under fields
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


In some situations, after upgrading an existing V10.0 environment to V11.0, the deployment tool does not list the existing forms/reusable parts in the correct location, instead they are listed as regular fields. This prevents you from deploying any components correctly and may cause confusion when trying to redeploy existing applications.


The cause of this issue is related to an existing technical note regarding the Web Editor. In both cases the problem is caused by the presence of old IO modules for the LANSA Internal Files.

One reason that these IO modules are present is that the LANSA internal file definitions have been recompiled in Visual LANSA at some point. This causes the file definitions IOM to be created in the Partition Execute directory. During the upgrade to V11.0 the LANSA internal file definitions IOMs are replaced in the System Execute directory, however the IOMs in the Partition Execute directory are left untouched.

Since LANSA looks in the Partition Execute directory before the System Execute directory to look for the IOMs, the older IOMs are being found and used first instead of the real internal file definitions IOMs.

Note: Since V10.0, a change has been made so that these internal files will no longer displayed by default, and thus should not be available for compile unless the option to display the internal files is enabled.


Check to see if the dlls DC_Fnn/DC_Wnn/DC_Xnn.dlls exist in the ...\X_WIN95\X_LANSA\X_ppp\EXECUTE.

These dlls should only exist in the ...\X_WIN95\X_LANSA\EXECUTE directory. Ensure that they already exist in the ...\X_WIN95\X_LANSA\EXECUTE directory.

Remove/delete the copies from the partition execute directory (i.e. ...\X_WIN95\X_LANSA\X_ppp\EXECUTE) and the problem should be resolved.