Menu options (including the Host Monitor) grayed out after applying CU3 to a V11.0 environment

Date: 23 June 2006
Product/Release: Visual LANSA V11.3 (CU3)
Abstract: Performing a Visual LANSA upgrade while running some VL applications can cause some Visual LANSA menu options to be disabled or unavailable
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


After applying CU3 (or EPC771) to a Visual LANSA 11.0 development environment, some menu options (including the Host Monitor options) are grayed out or disabled:

LANSA Editor Screen show options greyed out

This is caused by having some Visual LANSA applications or files running on the PC during the upgrade to CU3 or EPC771.

The LANSA Online documentation, "Installing LANSA on Windows Guide", "5.2.1 Before you begin checklist", contains the following:

5.2.1 Before You Begin Checklist
Have you checked that all applications have been stopped before commencing the upgrade? This includes Visual LANSA, LANSA for the Web, LANSA SuperServer and LANSA Open jobs.

The CU3 and EPC771 documentation also contains the following:

1. Before installing the EPC you should stop using the LANSA development environment and stop all currently executing LANSA applications.


If you generate this problem, whereby menu options are grayed out or disabled, retry the upgrade after ensuring you have no Visual LANSA applications/files running. This includes (any W3@Pxxxx objects, any LANSA.EXE, any Liiyxxx objects as well as any LANSA documentations). This will correct the problem and enable all icons including the Host Monitor to be ready to use.