Copied packages are built into the wrong location

Date: 28 September 2006
Product/Release: Visual LANSA Deployment Tool
Abstract: When using the copy process the application is built into the wrong destination
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


You must quit and restart deployment tool after copying a package from one application to another

There is currently an issue in the deployment tool with the copy process if you copy a package from one application to another. This affects both Version 10 and Version 11.3

If you try to build the copied package (i.e. the new one), it will build it correctly, however the actual package files will be placed in the old application directory.

This can cause issues if the copied package has the same name as the source package, as it will overwrite the source package.


To avoid this, you should restart the deployment tool before attempting to build the copied package. Once the deployment tool has been restarted it will build the package in the correct location.

If you have already built the package and the package files have been built into the old application directory, you should remove the package files from the old application directory first. Once they have been removed (and Deployment Tool restarted), you can build the package again.

This issue is scheduled for correction, Contact your local LANSA distributor for the latest updates.