An *EPCCHK error when using *JOB *JOB as Translation Tables in VLF

Date: 3 May, 2007
Product/Release: Visual LANSA V11.3 and Visual LANSA Framework EPC804
Abstract: An EPCCHK error is generated when using *JOB *JOB for Translation Tables in language English
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


EPC804 Visual LANSA Framework defaults Translation Tables values for an RDMLX partition to *JOB *JOB. This can be seen in the Server definition window. As stated in the chapter - "Whats New" in the Visual LANSA Framework documentation shipped with EPC804, these are the default values for an RDMLX partition only.

If you manually define the translation tables as *JOB *JOB for an RDML partition, you may generate the following the next time you login to the Framework in SuperServer mode:

Fatal Error

This is a misleading message for this situation.


Change both values back to your required values (e.g. QEBCDIC and QASCII for an English system) in the VLF Server definition window. Save and restart the Framework.

Note: If you ever generate this message, you should review the server joblogs to see what the actual problem as described in the joblog is. Under normal circumstances this message indicates there is a mismatch in the EPC levels between the client environment and the server environment. This may indeed be the problem. But in some cases this can be a misleading message. The misleading EPC check error message will be corrected in future versions.