Valid reason for the 'Cannot resolve to object' error message in Joblog

Date: 21 September, 2007
Product/Release: LANSA V11.3 and above
Abstract: The message "Cannot resolve to object..." in an iSeries joblog may not always indicate a problem
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Updated: 18 November 2013


An enhancement has been made to replace the MCH3401 message with a clearer message if the object is not found. Also, if the object not found is not related to the error this message will not be issued.
This enhancement is available with EPC873 for V12 SP1 and shipped in V13 SP1.


When an RDMLX function/object tries to call another object (whether it is a function, OAM or component), it will first assume that the object it is calling is an RDMLX type object. Therefore, it tries to invoke the RDMLX service program. Since this service program does not exist (due to the fact that it is RDML), a message similar to the following is generated.

"Cannot resolve to object @FUNCT01. Type and Subtype X'0203' Authority X'0000'."

Once LANSA has understood that the RDMLX service program does not exist, it proceeds to execute the RDML program and hence the application runs without fail.

For this reason instances of this message can appear in the joblog of an RDMLX application. It is safe to ignore these unless the object being called is RDMLX, in which case it would indicate a missing service program (and the application will fail).

This message will only be issued the first time that a specific function is called. For example, if you call the same function more than once the message will appear in the job log only once.