Extra objects required to use PASE libxslt after upgrading OS/400 to V5R3 and above

Date: 26 October, 2007
Product/Release: LANSA for iSeries V11.3
Abstract: Extra objects need to be restored to use PASE libxslt as the XSL Processor if LANSA V11 is installed prior to upgrading OS/400 to V5R3 and above
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

If you install LANSA V11 on iSeries where the OS/400 is pre-V5R3, there are four objects not installed that needs to be restored from the CD, in order to be able to use PASE libxslt as the XSL Processor. The objects are:

  • W3XS4210B
  • W3XS4210C
  • W3XS4211B
  • W3XS4211C

You can either chose to obtain these objects from another LANSA System that contains these objects or restore them from the CD.

These are the steps to restore from the LANSA for iSeries CD. Note: you must be signed on as QSECOFR:

  1. Load the LANSA for iSeries CD 1 into the CD drive (e.g OPT01)
  2. Run the restore command as follows:
  3. Duplicate from QTEMP the missing objects to LANSA COMLIB (communications library)
  4. Check the object owner and if is not owned by the LANSA system owner change it to be the LANSA system owner.

Note: The final step is to check the EPC documentation to see if any of these objects have been affected by any current EPCs installed in your system.