Weblets missing from the Weblet Templates View

Date: 20 March 2008
Product/Release: LANSA for the Web V11 SP4
Abstract: Weblets missing from Weblet Templates View or Weblets View
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

Misunderstanding the differences between the Weblet Templates list and the Weblets list in the IDE from V11 SP4 onwards might make it appear that some Weblets are missing from the one or the other lists. In simple terms the differences between these lists are as follows:

  • Weblet (Green icon) view lists all weblets (weblet files) that are stored in the LANSA Repository (for that partition and technology service
  • Weblet Templates (Gold icon) View lists all droppable weblets (xsl:templates) that are included in the weblet files above.

For example, std_keys.xsl contains XSL instructions but no droppable Weblets, so it is not included in the Weblet Templates list. Instead you can find std_keys.xsl in the Weblets list.

Alternatively, a particular weblet may contain more than one xsl:template tag, and hence multiple weblet templates. One example is std_treeview.xsl, which contains both the std_treeview, and the std_treeview_target weblet templates. In this case only std_treeview is shown in the Weblets list, but both std_treeview and std_treeview_target appear in the Weblet Template list

To drag and drop weblets into the webpage design, use the Weblet Templates list rather than the Weblets list. Use the weblets list when checking objects in to and out from the master repository.