Installation of 3rd party software affects LANSA Integrator license on System i

Date: 23 October 2008
Product/Release: LANSA Integrator 
Abstract: Installing or upgrading 3rd party software on System i can cause the LANSA Integrator licence to stop working
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


We have received a few reports where the installation (or upgrade) of 3rd party product on your system i can cause a working LANSA Integrator application to start generating a licence error. This can occur even though your LANSA Integrator licence is valid and no changes have been made to the LANSA Integrator application.


Some 3rd party software set environment variables at the system level, rather than at local level (within their software). This can affect the licence of the existing LANSA Integrator application because the system level environment variable overrides any other variables that are set and this causes LANSA Integrator to look in the incorrect location for its valid licence.

If your LANSA Integrator application suddenly (for no apparent reason) starts generating a licence error, you should check the following:

  • Have you recently installed or upgraded any other software that uses similar licensing
  • Type WRKENVVAR LEVEL(*SYS) at the command line and check if the following environment variable has been set LSFORCEHOST=<A server> where <A server> is the name of a server in your network

If this environment variable has been set, then this is the cause of the LANSA Integrator application licence error.


In the short term, especially if the LANSA Integrator application is a production application, you should immediately remove the environment variable LSFORCEHOST. You must also stop and restart the LANSA Integrator JSM subsystem for the change to take affect.

You should also contact the 3rd party software vendor that set the environment variable and establish why the LSFORCEHOST needs to be set at the system level where it can adversely affect other production software that was up and running working before it was set. You may also need to establish if removing the system level environment variable LSFORCEHOST adversely affects their product.