*BLDNO error when running host monitor or system Initialization after applying an EPC to V11 SP5

Date: 18 November 2008
Product/Release: Visual LANSA V11 SP5
Abstract: *BLDNO error when running host monitor or system initialization after applying EPC830 to V11 SP5
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


EPC830 for V11 SP5 introduced a new debugging mechanism. The description for the new debugger contains the following points

  • Special setup and administrative rights are no longer required for remote debugging. The distinction between local and remote debugging has been removed.
  • X_RUN arguments DBRM, DBHU, DBHP and DBHS are no longer used or recognized and so must be removed from any X_RUN command line.
  • The special Windows login XDBG_USER is no longer needed and is highly recommended to be removed.

After applying EPC830, you may encounter the following message while performing a system initialization or using the Host Monitor

Fatal Error
Process : *BLDNO
Function : *BLDNO
Statement : 0
Message : (1073) - A communications error has occurred to server with LU Name DCXPGMLIB. Ensure the listener job is started on the server, check communications settings and job logs.
Routine : X_COM_CheckBuildNumber

*BLCNO error

One possibility for this error is that the X_RUN is being invoked with invalid parameters. These parameters could come from several places:

  • x_lansa.pro on the system i IFS
  • x_lansa.pro on the PC side
  • x_run system environment variable on the PC side

For example, your system i x_lansa.pro might contain one of the parameters listed as needing to be removed i.e. DBRM=Y

Since this parameter is no longer required for remote server debugging, it is invalid and needs to be removed from the x_lansa.pro.

Note: on a Windows application, if you have an invalid parameter in your x_lansa.pro, you get the following error:

Fatal error

But for a connection to the System i, the reason isn't easily obvious from either the error on the client or the joblog generated. So, the x_lansa.pro should be checked as a possibility for this error.