Fatal error when debugging in VL to system i after applying EPC834

Date: 7 January 2009
Product/Release: LANSA for iSeries V11 SP5
Abstract: Fatal error with missing LXQUEUE when debugging in VL to System i after applying EPC834 to V11 SP5
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


This problem is introduced when an iSeries LANSA system that didn't have LANSA for the Web initially installed is upgraded to V11 SP5. However, the problem is only highlighted when trying to execute a VL form in debug against the iSeries after applying EPC834 to SP5. EPC834 introduces the new debugging mechanism and attempts to use LXQUEUE. Because of the incorrect version of LXQUEUE, the debugging will issue a fatal error. When viewing the TP joblog in the System i you may get a message similar to:

MCH4437  Escape     40 03/12/08 11:15:26.089992 AiActivator 001E00 QLEAWI QSYS *S
         To module . . . . . . . . . : QLEPM
         To procedure  . . . . . . . : QleActBndPgmCommon__FPPvPULP24Qle_ActBndPgmInf
         Statement . . . . . . . . . : 30
         Message . . . . : Program import not found.
         Cause . . . . . : The calling program W3XSVPGV refers to a procedure or data                  export from service program LXQUEUE which does not exist. The calling                  program refers to export-ID X'00000028', the service program defines
                 only X'00000025' exports.
         Recovery  . . . : Recreate the calling program.
         Technical description . . . . . . . . : The service program has been
                 changed in an incompatible manner since the time the calling program
                 was created and thus bound to the service program. Recreate the
                 calling program.

This error message suggests that the LXQUEUE object is not the correct version.


This error is caused by the fact that the upgrade to SP5 did not replace the existing version of LXQUEUE with the SP5 version. So, to recover from this situation requires the current version of LXQUEUE to be replaced with an SP5 shipped version. The SP5 version of LXQUEUE can be obtained from your local support center.

Note: The LANSA for iSeries SP5 (EPC834) CD set (spin 300) shipped with the Visual LANSA SP5 (EPC834) DVD (spin 301) installs/upgrades the correct version of LXQUEUE. So, this V11 SP5 spin set should be used for any future upgrades to avoid this problem.