Installing a Deployment tool package can issue an 'FTP Server not found' error

Date: 26th May 2009
Product/Release: Visual LANSA Deployment Tool - All versions
Abstract: When installing a Deployment Tool package, the installer generates an error that the "FTP Server was not found.[87]"
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


It can occur that when installing a Deployment Tool package (either directly, or through a JIT package installer), the installer generates an error that the "FTP Server was not found.[87]" This can occur even though there is no FTP server defined anywhere during the setup of the package. Furthermore, this can come about when the package is ‘zipped’ or ‘Manual’ but the issue occurs mostly for manual packages.


The actual reason why LANSA will try to connect to an FTP server is that when the setup.exe executes, it does not find all the required files in the install package. 

This feature (connecting to an FTP server) is intended for the 'zipped for internet' package option, so that you just distribute the setup.exe and then have the other required files downloaded on execution. However, for 'zipped for internet' to work, the setup.exe needs to have the FTP server details built into it (that’s the prompt that is shown when you build a package for this option). These details are 'written' into the setup.exe file. However on a normal deployment, these details are blank. When you generate this message during download of the JIT package, it means that Setup.exe determined that not all files were included in the package, so it tries to connect to the FTP server to download them. But since the FTP details are blank it obviously fails and generates the “FTP Server was not found" message you see.

In most cases the missing files are due to a bad package build, but if it’s a case of one PC that is not working and others are, then it could be that the package download failed on this PC. By changing the package to be of type 'zipped' instead of 'Manual' would resolve the issue with failed packaged downloads, because then only one file needs to be downloaded. Or if the problem is exhibited on several PCs, a package rebuild can often resolve the error.