Language codes used for multilingual partition languages

Date: 11 December 2009
Product/Release: Visual LANSA - All versions
Abstract: Language codes used in Partition Languages are not arbitrary and must conform to certain guidelines
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

When specifying a new language in a multilingual partition, the language code is a free text field. However it should be noted that this value is not arbitrary and must be specific to the language you are using. Language codes that should be used in LANSA are documented in section 6.8.1 of the Multilingual Application Design Guide - "Does LANSA know the correct CCSID to use for Multilingual text?"

For DBCS languages if the correct code is not specified for the language, DBCS translation will not be performed correctly by Host Monitor. e.g. Korean MUST use KOR, Japanese MUST use JPN.

For all languages, using a code not listed will result in an incorrect selection of the iSeries CCSID and Windows codepage. Amongst other things this effects Host Monitor multi-lingual text and source code multi-lingual text.

If using a language code not listed, you should specify the iSeries CCSID and Windows Codepage in the Work with Partition Multilingual Attributes screen on iSeries (second page after selecting a language).