Additional "Frameworks" & "Groups" are added into partition definitions from VLF_SV11

Date: 4 February 2010
Product/Release: Visual LANSA V11 SP5 and above with EPC843
Abstract: EPC843 imported extra "Frameworks" & "Groups" into a partition. This is now fixed in the latest version of EPC843
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


Unwanted "Frameworks" & "Groups" can be imported into a partition's definitions if the import was performed from the iSeries savefile VLF_SV11 shipped with a early version of EPC843.

Display Framework Details screen


The unwanted Frameworks & Groups do not adversely impact your VLF environment but do clutter your lists of Frameworks and Groups. This problem has been corrected in an updated version of EPC843, which ships a cleaned up VLF_SV11 save file. After downloading EPC843, you should follow the instructions provided to move the new cleaned up version of the VLF_SV11 save file to your IBM i. This step will replace your previous VLF_SV11 save file . The new cleaned up version of the VLF_SV11 save file should be used when performing all future partition imports. 

Note: Partitions which already have these extra "Frameworks" & "Groups" definitions imported will not be cleaned up with the corrected EPC843, even if you re-import from the cleaned up version of the VLF_SV11 save file. A "cleanup" utility for removing the unwanted definitions is available and can be requested from your local LANSA support group.