Missing help information in LANSA Online Documentation for "Transform XSLT on Web Server" option

Date: 2 November 2010
Product/Release: LANSA for the Web - V11 SP5 & V12
Abstract: Transform XSLT option is not documented in '8.5.4 Step 3. Select Web Server Behavior' for IIS Plugin configuration setup
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


The LANSA Online Documentation (in both V11 SP5 & V12) in the Installing LANSA on Windows Guide 8.5.4 Step 3. Select Web Server Behavior incorrectly describes an option "Disable Web Server side XSLT" for IIS Plugin configuration setup.

Disable Web server side XSLT

The following is the correct option information:

"Transform XSLT on Web Server"
Select this option if you wish to perform all WAM XSLT Transformations on the Web Server, instead of the Application Server.
By default, this option is ON to distribute the WAM processing load between the Web Server and the Application Server so that the Data/Application Server executes the LANSA webroutine and the Web Server transforms XSLT.

This will be corrected in future versions of the LANSA Online Documentation.