Hidden columns on a WAM list are shown at runtime

Date: 22 November 2011
Product/Release: LANSA for the Web V12 SP1 + EPC871
Abstract: Columns for fields in a list which have the *HIDE or *HIDDEN tag, are not hidden in the default generated list weblet at runtime
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


WAMs generated after applying EPC871, which contains fields in a list which have the *HIDE or *HIDDEN tag may not display correctly at runtime. This only affects lists that are displayed with the default generated list.

For example, a list with the following definition:

Def_List Name(#Employees) Fields(#Empno #Std_Desc (#Surname *HIDDEN) (#Givename *HIDDEN)) Type(*WORKING) Entrys(*MAX)

Will display the following at runtime:

Hidden columns displayed

WAMs displaying this issue can be corrected by a simple change to the XSL. A hotfix is available to correct the generation of Webroutine XSL - contact LANSA support for more information.

A fix will be included in the next EPC released for LANSA for the Web.