Incorrect version of help opened in Integrator Studio

Date: 28 November 2011
Product/Release: LANSA Integrator - EPC869
Abstract: Incorrect version of LANSA Integrator help is opened when you use F1 in Integrator Studio
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


When you apply EPC869 to LANSA Integrator, the LANSA Integrator guide (LANSA093.CHM) shipped with the EPC is copied to your default LANSA Documentation directory for this configuration.

If you open the LANSA Integrator guide from this location, the edition information will match your EPC level.

Example of the edition information

However, when you open the online LANSA Integrator guide from Integrator Studio using F1, even though your About LANSA information will state EPC869 level

About LANSA Integrator

the guide opened is not at this EPC level.


The correct version of the LANSA Integrator guide can be copied from the default LANSA Documentation directory and placed in the following location, <Root Folder>\Integrator\Studio\lib\help (where <Root Folder> is something like C:\Program Files\DCXPGMLIB), replacing the out of date LANSA093.CHM in this location. The next time you select F1 in LANSA Integrator Studio, the correct version of the guide will be opened.

This problem will be corrected in the next distribution of LANSA Integrator.