VLF-Web issue with Chrome Version 17

Date: 14 February 2012
Product/Release: Visual LANSA Framework - EPC870
Abstract: Problem with executing VLF-Web applications and business objects in Chrome Version 17
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


The latest automatic update to Chrome has introduced a change of behaviour to VLF. When running VLF-Web in Chrome version 17, the Applications and Business Objects toolbar appears differently compared to IE/Safari/Firefox.

You will not be able to select any business object or application on the browser.

VLF Web with Chrome 17 

About Chrome 17

Previous versions of Chrome do not have this problem.


This behaviour can be worked around by adding +touch=N to the URL executing the VLF-Web application.

This change will be catered for in a future version of the Visual LANSA Framework.