Level check error upgrading LANSA Composer

Date: 3 April 2012
Product/Release: LANSA Composer - All Versions
Abstract: Possible "Level check on file PDXSY in Library <Partition Data Library>" error
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


The following error may occur upgrading a LANSA Composer environment which had been previously installed into an existing LANSA environment or upgrading a dedicated Composer system.

This error would only occur in non default installations where the partition has been defined to have separate data and module libraries.

Level check on file PDXSY in Library <Partition Data Library>

The upgrade program attempts to delete the files PDXCV and PDXSY (amongst other objects). However, the program attempts to delete them from the partition module library instead of deleting them from the partition data library.


The workaround is to manually delete the files PDXCV and PDXSY from the partition data library before running the upgrade. These files do not contain “persistent” data that needs to be preserved, so they can be deleted without concern. If the install has already failed, you should be able to delete the files and then re-run the upgrade as it would not have gone beyond the point of no return.