Compilation errors on RDMLX forms after upgrading to V12 SP1

Date: 13 June 2012
Product/Release: Visual LANSA V12 SP1
Abstract: Certain RDMLX forms can fail to compile in V12 SP1
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


An issue has been found where certain forms created prior to V12 SP1 will fail to compile after an upgrade to V12 SP1 or after being imported into a V12 SP1 system. The situations where this can occur are:

  • RDMLX Partition
  • RDMLX Form or Function
  • Form/function contains a SUBROUTINE
  • The form/function contains no full RDMLX statements

The build process will complete without errors; however the compilation ends with the following error in the compilation log:

c:\<partition source directory>\<form/func name>.C(1773) : error C2065: 'lReturnCode' : undeclared identifier


A simple workaround can be used to get the form to compile by adding a full RDMLX command or converting one of the existing commands to full RDMLX. A common candidate is the #com_owner.Initialize EVTROUTINE, which contains a SET command. Changing this line of code does the exact same thing, but using RDMLX:

#com_owner.caption := *component_desc

Alternatively, contact your local LANSA vendor to request a hotfix to correct the issue.