Webroutines fail to compile after upgrading to V12 SP1 when using an existing custom TSP

Date: 9 August 2012
Product/Release: LANSA for the Web (WAMs) V12 SP1
Abstract: How to make your existing custom TSP compliant for V12 SP1
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


After upgrading to V12 SP1 you may find that are not able to generate your webroutine/layouts using an existing custom TSP.

The problem webroutine compiles with errors such as:
     PRC0047/LII0855E Failed to retrieve configuration for Technology Service
     PRC0047/LII0846E Failed to generate XML/XSL

As of V12 SP1 the generator requires that stylesheets contain the weblet_template_call template.


To comply with V12 SP1 and beyond, add the following code to the end of your custom TSP:

<!-- Template needed by the inliner (even if the TSP doesn't support inlining) -->
			<xsl:template name="weblet_template_call">
			<xsl:param name="field"/>
			<xsl:param name="fld_or_col"/>
			<xsl:param name="name"/>
			<xsl:param name="displaymode"/>
			<xsl:param name="use_weblet"/>
			<xsl:param name="weblet"/>
			<xsl:param name="inline_param" select="false()"/>

You will now be able to generate your webroutine without issue.