Possible cause of slow load times when opening a Transformation Map

Date: 6 May 2013
Product/Release: LANSA Composer - All Versions
Abstract: It has been reported that performance may be improved by either starting (or stopping!) the Web Client service on the client PC.
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


When using LANSA Composer client with LANSA Composer running on an IBM i server, some users experience slow load times when editing Transformation Maps. In some cases, the time taken for MapForce to open and load the document seems excessive, even unreasonable.

In this configuration, LANSA Composer opens the Transformation map definition (a .mfd file) from the location on the IBM i IFS designated for holding those files. There can be many factors affecting the load times, since there are many operating system and network components and services involved.

It has been reported that performance may be improved by either starting (or stopping!) the Web Client service on the client PC. On Windows XP systems, the Web Client service is started by default. On Windows 7 and later, it is NOT started by default.

LANSA does not have definitive information on this and can offer no prescriptive advice, but offers this information so that affected users can make their own judgments and/or test the effect of starting or stopping the Web Client service on their own systems.

More Information:

The Web Client service supports access to WebDAV shares. As a starting point for more information, we suggest the following references:


In item (3) under the heading "Performance Tips" of the following IBM Software Technical Document, IBM reports that "In some cases, changing the Web Client Start-Up type from Manual to Automatic has improved performance":

Note that the same document also notes this: "Alternatively, totally Disabling the Web Client has caused drastic performance improvements for other users".

Some LANSA Composer users have observed significant improvements in Transformation Map load times after starting the Web Client service.

LANSA does not presently have further information on the operating environments that may benefit, nor does LANSA have information on why a service exclusively connected with WebDAV support should exhibit this effect on a process that ostensibly does not require or utilize WebDAV support. Users should also note IBM’s advice that the opposite action (stopping the Web Client service) has also improved performance for some users.

LANSA offers no specific advice in this connection, but we suggest that users who choose to act upon the content of this tip, should carefully monitor the effects in a restricted or isolated environment, including any effects on any other applications running on the Windows client computer and any possible effects on network traffic and performance.