Changed behaviour for text output files in MapForce 2013 Release 2 on IBM i servers

Date: 10 July 2013
Product/Release: LANSA Composer V4.0
Abstract: MapForce 2013 Release 2 changes behaviour for text output files when using IBM i as server.
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


MapForce 2013 Release 2 (2013R2) introduced new “User defined end-of-line settings for output files.” This is set via the Mapping Settings dialogue from the File menu.

Mapping Settings

Unfortunately, they appear to have implemented it in such a way that backward compatibility is not preserved for existing maps running on IBM I servers in LANSA Composer, if or when they are re-prepared.
The previous behaviour put a CR-LF at the end of each text/CSV file line. If no change is made to Mapping Settings, I believe this behaviour will continue on Windows servers because CR-LF IS the “Platform default” on Windows. In other words, I believe maps running on Windows servers will be unaffected. However, on IBM I servers, the “Platform default” is now just the LF. If no change is made to the map, this changed behaviour will commence when the map is re-prepared.


The workaround (if the user is aware of the issue) is to use the Mapping Settings dialogue to change the setting before re-preparing the map.