Second patch in a version does not deliver expected objects in V13 using MSI deployment

Date: 10 October 2013
Product/Release: Visual LANSA - V13 SP1
Abstract: Patch objects in second consecutive patch are not correctly deployed unless Visual Studio Pro 2010 has been installed on deployment server.
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Updated: 2 December 2013


An issue was discovered with the WIX MSI building process which can cause the second patch (.msp) in a deployed version (msi) not to deliver the objects that it is expected to. No errors are given during the build or installation process, however the patched objects are not copied to the target environment.


The patch installation (initial patch and 2nd and subsequent patches) works without problems if Visual Studio Professional 2010 is installed on the Deployment Build PC, or if it has been installed in the past and subsequently uninstalled.

This means it is possible to work around this issue by installing an evaluation version of Visual Studio Professional 2010 and uninstalling it before the evaluation period expires. Visual Studio 2010 can be downloaded for evaluation from the Microsoft web site or various other download sites.

Status (Updated):

While initial investigations indicated that this unlisted Microsoft quirk/requirement required Visual Studio Professional 2010 to be installed at least once on the Deployment build server (if more than one patch is to be released per version release of your application), ongoing investigation with Microsoft development means a fix has been found which removes the requirement of installing Visual Studio 2010 to the deployment server. This also ensures that all subsequent patches will be installed correctly (The Visual Studio Professional 2010 workaround only appears to work for the first 2 patches). A hotfix is available from support on request. The full fix will be included in the next Visual LANSA release