Incorrect translation of special characters in LANSA for the Web applications in V13

Date: 23 May 2014
Product/Release: LANSA for the Web V13
Abstract: Incorrect translation of non-english special characters in LANSA for the web applications after upgrading to V13.
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Updated: 7 April 2015


The change shipped in hotfix HF131112 for V13 SP1 is included in SP2 for V13. Applying the latest service pack to V13 is the recommended solution.


After upgrading to V13 (any SP level), you may encounter special character translation problems in your web applications (*webevent or WAMs) that executes in non-english using an IBM i web server. For example, DBCS data may be converted into the question mark character (?) and or language special characters (é, á etc.) get incorrectly converted.

The reason you may encounter this is that there was a change to the way translations are done in V13. The change is that in V13, WAMs run in binary mode. IBM i values are converted from the native encoding directly into UTF-8.

However, even when BINARY is set in the Apache web server instance, you may still find that WAMs are OK but the non-english special characters in *webevent applications are not OK.

In this situation, you will need to apply hotfix (HF131112) for V13 SP1 which corrects the translation issues with non-english characters in *webevent. You can request this hotfix from you local LANSA support group.


  • In V13, CGICONVMODE should be set to BINARY in the [DCXCOMLIB] directory of your Apache web server instance. Note: [DCXCOMLIB] may be have a different name in your LANSA setup.
  • If CGICONVMODE is not set to BINARY, you may experiece non-english special character translation issues in your WAM applications and *webevent applications.
  • With CGICONVMODE set to BINARY in your Apache web server instance, WAMs will work OK but you may still experience special character translation issues in your *webevent applications.
  • A hotfix is available to correct the *webevent translation problems at V13 SP1 level.

Note regarding the hotfix: The fix as shipped in the hotfix also includes an enhancement to specifically warn users if CGICONVMODE is not set to BINARY. A warning message is produced in the joblog.