Blank Icon displays text 'None' in VLF EPC132100

Date: 5 March 2015
Product/Release: Visual LANSA Framework V13 SP2 EPC 132100
Abstract: After applying EPC132100, the shipped blank icon display the text None
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


In Visual LANSA Framework (VLF), you have the ability to customise your Framework with both user registered and shipped icons. These icons can be displayed for Applications Views, Business Objects, Command Handlers etc. One useful icon is the blank icon which, as the name suggests, is a blank icon. This can be utilised when no icon is needed for that particular part of your application.

In VLF at EPC132100 level, it was observed that rather than the blank icon being displayed as if there was no icon, the text 'None' would appear in the centre. See example screen captures below.

Screen capture showing the text None being displayed

Screen capture showing no icon being displayed in a drop down menu


A hotfix has been created that resolves this issue.

After this hotfix has been applied, the blank icon will be blank again and there will no longer be text appearing in the the blank icon. See examples below:

Screen capture showing blank icon being displayed after the hotfix is applied

Screen capture showing blank icon being displayed in a drop down menu after the hotfix is applied


  • To obtain the hotfix of for any further information, you should contact your local LANSA support group.
  • This applies to VLF V13 SP2 at EPC132100 only.