Unable to start JSM on Windows after JAVA version change

Date: 30 September 2015
Product/Release: LANSA Integrator - All Versions
Abstract: Unable to start JSM on a Windows Machine with Invalid Access Code Error
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


Java Service Manager (JSM) does not start on a Windows Machine if the JAVA version changes after JSM was installed. The JAVA version may change due the user consciously choosing to update (or downgrade) the JAVA version or if an automatic updata has been run. This results in a change in the JAVA path.

When a JSM system is installed, the current version of JAVA at that time is captured and used in the file JSMMGRDTA.txt. Once the actual path of JAVA changes on the machine, the path in JSMMGRDTA becomes invalid and causes JSM not to start.

One of the symptoms of this issue is an “Invalid access code” error in the event viewer. The trace folder does not get created and nor is anything written in STDOUT.txt and STDERR.txt


The solution is to update the JSMMGRDTA.txt to reflect the new correct JAVA path.

You can run Java -version from a command line to see which version is currently in use by default and you can search for java.exe to see the installed locations (Or review the installed versions in Control Panel Programs and Features and enable the Locations column to see the installed locations). Once you select the version of JAVA you wish to use, update the JSMMGRDTA.txt to point to this version.

Note: Different versions of JSM may require particular versions of JAVA. Refer to the LANSA documentation and the LANSA Supported Platforms document for details.