Windows Operating System Upgrade can cause issues for LANSA Integrator licensing

Date: 14 July 2016
Product/Release: LANSA Integrator / LANSA Composer - All supported versions
Abstract: A "JSM server is not licenced for service" error can be generated after upgrading Windows Operating System.
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


Upgrading a Windows Operating System may cause the LANSA Integrator licenses to become invalid if the licenses are stored outside the affected LANSA Installation folder. The Windows Operating System upgrade causes synchronisation issues in the registry, thus causing the license check to fail. This is not restricted to any particular operating system and can impacts upgrade of any server operating system.

Note: This is not restricted to LANSA Integrator, but can affect any LANSA software or customer application that uses JSM at V13 SP2 or above (64-bit JSM) - for instance LANSA Composer.

The two most common scenarios where this issue will cause the runtime application to fail immediately (due to invalid license) after upgrading their server operating system are

  1. LANSA Composer Windows Server 6.0 and
  2. LANSA Integrator V13 SP2 or above.

(There is another known issue in LANSA caused by this defect in the Operating System. Refer to Visual LANSA generates Global Data Initialisation failed error after Windows 10 Upgrade or Update)


There is a registry tool available from LANSA support that can be used to restore the registry synchronization. Please contact your local LANSA support team and ask for the lansa64reginit utility.

To apply the utility, you must save it onto the affected server computer and run it from the command line as administrator. Once it completes successfully, you will need to restart JSM and thereafter the License should work properly.