LANSA for Web Resolved Issues

Date Version Issue  
May 17, 2017 All Performance slowdown in LANSA applications caused by Mutex wait issue
IBM PTF available for Mutex wait (MTXW) issue that can affect performance of LANSA applications.
Aug 29, 2014 V13 CGIConvMode BINARY setting required for LANSAWEB CGI
From V13 onwards, CGIConvMode BINARY setting is a mandatory requirement for LANSAWEB CGI
Jul 15, 2014 V13 SP2 Valid HTML Content-Type to use when POSTing during web execution
LANSA enforces the use of valid Content-Type in V13 SP2, which may cause issues for existing web applications
May 23, 2014 V13 Incorrect translation of special characters in LANSA for the Web applications in V13 SP1
After upgrading to V13 SP1, you may encounter special character translation problems in your web applications (*webevent or WAMs) that executes in non-english using an IBM i web server
Jul 11, 2013 V12 SP1 UAC and IIS Plugin issues when installing LANSA V12 SP1 for Web on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
Special instructions required for LANSA V12 SP1 install on Windows 8 and Windows 2012 for Web (IIS Plugin) and UAC
Aug 09, 2012 V12 SP1 Webroutines using an existing custom TSP fails to compile after upgrading to V12 SP1
How to make existing custom TSP compliant for V12 SP1
Mar 20, 2014 V12 SP1 Drag and drop a weblet into an input field with IE9
Drag and drop a weblet onto an input field in the WAM editor doesn't do anything. This issue is fixed in EPC871
Feb 14, 2014 V12 SP1 VLF-WEB issue with Chrome Version 17
Using Chrome 17, VLF layouts behave differently when selecting Applications or Business Objects
Nov 22, 2011 V12 SP1 Hidden columns on a WAM list are shown at runtime
Columns for fields in a list which have the *HIDE or *HIDDEN tag, are not hidden in the default generated list at runtime
Nov 02, 2010 V11 SP5 & V12 Missing help information in LANSA Online Documentation for "Transform XSLT on Web Server" option
Transform XSLT option is not documented in '8.5.4 Step 3. Select Web Server Behavior' for IIS Plugin configuration setup
Nov 11, 2009 All Cannot start HTTP Server instance: "Error occurred converting data. Reason 5"
Error when starting HTTP Server instance: "Error occurred converting data. Reason 5"
Dec 12, 2008 V11 Treeview weblet does not display on System i/Apache Web server
Treeview weblet does not display on System i/Apache Web server due to an unregistered extension '.htc'
May 14, 2008 V11 No longer possible to enter expressions directly into some properties of WAMs
When entering an evaluation expression use the XPATH Expression area
Apr 11, 2008 V11 SP4 RDMLX Web functions need 5733XT1 XML Toolkit Options 7 & 8 installed on iSeries
RDMLX Web functions need to have product 5733XT1 Options 7 & 8 installed
Mar 20, 2008 V11 Weblets missing from the Weblet Templates View
Misunderstanding the differences between the Weblet Templates list and the Weblets list in the IDE from V11 SP4 onwards might make it appear that some Weblets are missing from the one or the other lists
Mar 13, 2008 V11 SP4 Unexpected fatal errors in Web application after applying SP4
LANSA for the Web application starts to generate fatal messages after applying SP4
Oct 26, 2007 V11.3 Extra objects required to use PASE libxslt after upgrading OS/400 to V5R3 and above
Extra objects need to be restored to use PASE libxslt as the XSL Processor if LANSA V11 is installed prior to upgrading OS/400 to V5R3 and above
Sep 25, 2006 V11 Layout and screen formatting disappears from the design screen in the XSL Editor
After applying one of the recent Internet Explorer updates, the layout and formatting in the XSL Editor design screen can randomly disappear
Jul 28, 2006 V11.3 Ending presubmit JavaScript with '//' no longer cancels onclick even
After upgrading to V11.3 (CU3), the submit JavaScript of your clickable images or anchors (hyperlinks) still submit the request even though you have commented out the execution of JavaScript coming after your presubmit JavaScript
Jul 24, 2006 V11 Using WEB_MAP FOR(*NONE) and WEB_MAP FOR(*INPUT) in WAMs
The WEB_MAP command is used to declare the field and list data to be mapped between the Presentation Layer and your Webroutines
Jun 05, 2006 V11 Browser returns (Unrecoverable error occurred while processing the Web request) when using a Banner web component
Using a Banner Web Component can cause the Web job to crash when running the Web application with IIS Plugin Web Server
May 19, 2006 V11 CGIConvMode setting on V5R4 causes various issues for LANSA for the Web
CGIConvMode setting on V5R4 can cause various translation and SSL issues in LANSA for the Web
Mar 15, 2006 V11 WAMs fail with error: PASE module not loaded
WAM applications are failing with error PASE module not loaded reported in LWEB_JOBs
Feb 27, 2006 V11 Invoking a WAM may cause Internet Explorer to crash on certain HP/Compaq Notebook and Tablet PCs
HP Credential Manager for ProtectTools installs an Add-on for Internet Explorer that conflicts with certain Web pages
Aug 11, 2005 V10 Potential issues setting up Windows 2003 as LANSA Web server
Two issues to watch out for when setting up LANSA for the Web as a Web server on Windows 2003
May 30, 2005 V10 Application of PTF 5722DG1-SI17010 causes HTTP Server thread failures
HTTPSVR APACHE causes EBADF error when running CGI causing thread failures
Jul 07, 2004 V11 Using Server Side Include (SSI) with Apache Web server
Using SSI with APACHE produces the error "The system is not set up correctly for LANSA for the Web"
Aug 18, 2003 V10 LCE0037 error when using Web Editor against Windows server
Receive error LCE0037 when using Web Editor in a Web on Windows installation
Jun 06, 2003 V10 Cannot start LANSA after upgrade to V10.0
You may experience an error after upgrading to V10 of LANSA and are trying to login to LANSA
Aug 10, 2007 V10.0 & V11.3 DBCS translations may be incorrect with IIS Plug-in
When using the IIS Plug-in and DBCS (Double Byte Character Set) languages, the translation of DBCS characters may appear incorrectly on the Web browsers
Sep 09, 2002 All Cannot have @ in HTTP instance name if using SSL
IBM limitation where HTTP instance name cannot containing a '@' when SSL is used
Dec 17, 2005 V10 Important considerations for LANSA for the WEB User-defined DEFAULT pages
Caution should be exercised when creating and using user-defined DEFAULT html pages
Sep 16, 2005 All Deleted Space from [email protected] currently not being reused
You must change the file [email protected] so that it's deleted space is not wasted
Jul 27, 2005 All Exporting DEFAULT_ page components
Creating Page Components for DEFAULT_ components there is a need to export them
Jul 03, 2005 V10 A limitation with using Checkboxes in LANSA for Web
A workaround to a limitation with using checkboxes in a LANSA for Web application
Jun 02, 2005 V10 System is not setup correctly for LANSA for the Web
After installing and configuring LANSA for Web and all other associated components you still cannot connect to the LANSA for the Web from a browser
Apr 12, 2005 All LANSA for the Web Utilities fail with "No file definitions found for full or partial name [email protected]"
LANSA for Web Utilities fail with "No file definitions found for full or partial name [email protected]"
Dec 15, 2001 All Caution when using a partition called WEB - Error %s may be displayed on the browser
Caution should be exercised when using a partition called WEB. This is because the WEB partition itself should never be enabled
Archived V10 & V11 Windows XP Service Pack 2 closes ports by default which can cause errors in LANSA applications and products
Possible errors in LANSA products and applications after applying Windows XP Service Pack 2
Archived V10 Error when attempting to modify the appearance of web pages using Form Layout Assistant
Explorer's security restrictions does NOT allow the layout of Web pages to be modified when running application in VLF
Archived V10 LANSA for the Web and performance degradation using Windows 2003 and IIS 6.0
Windows 2003 Server and IIS 6.0 causes large speed differences between applications using internal IP address and external IP address to serve Web pages
Archived V10 LCE0034 error logging into the HTML Editor when translation file Lcoechar.dat exists
You may experience an error when logging on to the HTML Editor or Web Administrator
Archived Special character uses in HTML
Special Character uses such as the copyright sign can be used by the HTML Editor
Archived All Model B (or Multi-Tier) Web server configuration
Web Server Configuration for Model B (or Multi-Tier) Deployment
Archived All Is it possible to limit the number of retries in LANSA for the Web using authentication?
Is it possible to set or limit the number of login retries in LANSA for the Web using authentication?