LANSA for i Tips

Date Version Tip  
May 23,  2018 V14 SP2 Instructions for moving the LANSA for i V14 SP2 save file to your IBM i
Instructions for moving the LANSA V14 SP2 save file to your IBM i in preparation for an install or upgrade.
April 22,  2016 All How to check for Active Users in a LANSA system
How to check for active users in a LANSA system before performing an upgrade or applying an EPC
April 1,  2016 V14 Steps to enable debugging for Server Modules
How to enable debugging of Server Modules Visual LANSA Web
July 29, 2015 All DNS Name Resolution Takes Longer after Upgrade to V6R1 or Later
A document that discusses why DNS resolution takes longer after upgrading to V6R1 or later.
Mar 10, 2015 All Can host monitor files be omitted from backing up before upgrading LANSA for i?
When upgrading LANSA for i, it is vital to back up your system before commencing so that it is easy to restore if there are any issues
Jan 20, 2015 All High Availability/Mirroring with LANSA on IBM i
Some suggestions on how to set up High Availability (Mirroring) on IBM i for LANSA
May 15, 2014 All Special considerations for LANSA for iSeries installs, upgrades and EPCs if IFS Symbolic links are used.
LANSA installs and upgrades will encounter issues with IFS symbolic links - special instructions required
Jul 25, 2013 All Sanity tests you can run if you need to verify that PASE is working on IBM i
Testing PASE on IBM i
Jul 14, 2013 V13 Install/Upgrade LANSA for iSeries V13 using an image catalog
Instructions for downloading a LANSA V13 (any SP level) image and adding it to an image catalog
Jul 12, 2013 All IBM i CPU information
What information to extract to supply to you LANSA representative when requiring a new license
Apr 20, 2012 All LANSA shipped objects flagged as requiring conversion by Analyze Object Conversion tool
Some LANSA objects flagged as needing conversion may not be required
Oct 23, 2011 All Finding and Working with Spool Files Generated under a QPRTJOB Job | LANSA for iSeries
How to find the full attributes of a Spool file for a most recently produced Spool file in a job
Mar 22, 2010 All LANSA and V7R1
LANSA for iSeries - supported versions
Mar 19, 2009 Temporary files created in the folder X_LANSA on the IFS can take up significant space
Temporary files created in the folder X_LANSA on the IFS are not deleted and can take up significant space
May 18, 2009 V11.3 Cleaning up old system variable evaluation programs
Old versions of system variable evaluation programs can interfere with your current system
Dec 18, 2008 Commonly used system control information
The following article provides a clear roadmap to assist in obtaining the system control information most commonly requested by 3rd party vendors for licensing purposes
May 27, 2008 V11 Listing of objects created by LANSA when compiling on the iSeries
This document lists the type of objects created by LANSA when compiled on the iSeries
May 27, 2008 V11 How to modify BLOB fields on the iSeries to be greater than 10MB
In Version 11 when working with BLOBs you may encounter messages indicating that there is a limit of 10MB
Mar 27, 2008 Listener fails with error MCH6801 - Object domain or storage protection error
When trying to start the LANSA Listener, the Listener fails and error message MCH6801 - Object domain or storage protection error for offset &5 in object &1 appears in the job log
Mar 27, 2008 Details of support for IBM i 6.1
Customers wishing to use LANSA with IBM i 6.1 should use LANSA V11.5 or later
Oct 19, 2006 Extended instructions for applying a LANSA EPC to iSeries
This page contains extended instructions for moving an EPC to the iSeries
Sep 25, 2006 Get CCSID and other attributes related to the current Job
An approach to retrieve your iSeries Job related attributes
Jul 07, 2006 V11.3 How to view the contents of the 2 LANSA iSeries V11.3 CDs
LANSA iSeries CD contents
May 19, 2006 LANSA and V5R4
LANSA support for V5R4
May 17, 2006 RDML OTHER file - allow long field names with a length greater than 256 characters
LANSA for the iSeries (RDML) is capable of handling fields greater than 256 characters which also have long field names in OTHER files loaded into LANSA
Sep 06, 2005 Performing upgrade of LANSA for iSeries causes objects to not be restored depending on system value QALWOBJRST
Errors upgrading LANSA for iSeries if system value QALWOBJRST has been set not to allow restore of objects that adopt authority
Feb 14, 2005 Do you need to recompile LANSA for iSeries programs when field level validation has changed?
When you make a file definition change in LANSA there is a series of considerations to cover
Nov 29, 2004 How to Call a LANSA Function from a 3GL
How to call a LANSA function from a C program (3GL) in LANSA for Windows and LANSA for iSeries
Nov 29, 2004 Calling a C Function with arguments from LANSA
This is a simple example of calling a C program from a LANSA RDML function
Nov 01, 2004 How can I improve the performance of a function that reads specific records from a large file?
A simple function to select specific records from a large file (48,000,000 records) is taking on average 1 hour and 10 minutes to execute in batch
Aug 18, 2004 V9.1 How can I use the MAIL_ADD_ATTACHMENT BIF in LANSA for the iSeries?
Format of the Attachment Path when using the MAIL_ADD_ATTACHMENT Built-in Function in LANSA for the iSeries
Jun 11, 2004 How to find out which TP jobs relate to a given user
Easy way to quickly find which job belongs to particular users
Mar 01, 2004 How do I break a field out into multiple fields based on type with LANSA?
How do I break a field out into multiple fields based on type? In RPG I would use a data structure. How do I do this in LANSA?
Oct 13, 2003 Batch import of HTML - All parameters are necessary
How to submit a batch import of HTML
Aug 04, 2003 E-mailing an iSeries Spooled File
How to use Client Access to email Spooled Files
Apr 14, 2003 Unable to display routing table information
When attempting to display LANSA Configuration information, it may fail with a message
Feb 03, 2003 How does iSeries check authority
The sequence of authority checking used by the iSeries
Jan 13, 2003 How to use PERMFILOVR
Information and examples on how to use LANSA's Permanent File Overrides facility
Sep 09, 2002 Allowing IE to browse the IFS like it was a normal Windows folder
What you need to do in your iSeries TCP configuration so that IE5.5+ can directly access the IFS like it was a windows folder
Jul 29, 2002 Imports issue where QCCSID value is not a valid default value for QLANGID
For LANSA import jobs which either default to or are run under job CCSID (Coded Character Set Identifier) 65535, the data may be converted and then displayed incorrectly
Jun 17, 2002 Large e-mail attachments are not received properly when using the LANSA email Integration BIFs
Large email attachments are not received properly, corrupting and splitting the e-mail message. There is POP attribute that needs to be changed to avoid this situation
Feb 20, 2002 New System Variable *VISUAL_LANSA
A new system variable called *VISUAL_LANSA has been introduced to distinguish between program execution on LANSA for iSeries and Visual LANSA
Apr 16, 2001 Allow fields greater than 256 characters This approach can be applied for fields up to 9999 characters long and even for any non-supported data types  
Archived V10 The 6th option for Configure task tracking
Once EPC703 has been applied, you will now have an extra option in the Configure task tracking in System Partition Definition screen
Archived V10 EPC721 Enhancement in EPC721 to allow new Content Types also allows embedding Images in “text/html” Email Content
Images can now be embedded in an email after applying EPC721 to LANSA for the Web V10
Archived Archived - How do I create a LANSA save file for use with an earlier OS400 version?
Cannot use or display LANSA-generated save files that are created on an earlier OS version
Archived Archived - *DBMS_RECORD_LOCKED must be used only if there was an I/O error
The *DBMS_RECORD_LOCKED variable is used to detect if the previous I/O operation (e.g. SELECT or FETCH) failed because the record was locked during the allowable wait time
Archived AS/400 TCP/IP ports
Some LANSA for Web connection problems may be related to the inappropriate use of TCP/IP Ports
Archived The meaning of the Task ID states
Task Ids can have 4 states. This is a summary of the meaning of these states
Archived Large number of fields in a file affect performance
The number of fields in a file can affect application performance but only if very large numbers are involved
Archived About LANSAs Multilingual support
Changing partition multilingual attributes
Archived Using "Optimize for Remote Communications"
Functions compiled on a process with the "Optimize for Remote Communications" flag set to 'Y' can cause unexpected results
Archived File Security consideration under LANSA
File Security considerations under LANSA Authority and Ownership
Archived Object Authority handling under LANSA
LANSA uses adopted authority to handle access to OS/400 objects both defined by LANSA and outside of LANSA
Archived Unlock parameter listener job
To minimize the dependency of the Listener Job on the LANSA system from which it is started, use the optional parameter PARM01(*UNLOCK)
Archived Using Variable Length Fields in LANSA
LANSA allows the use of Variable Length fields using these steps
Archived Null-capable field support in LANSA
LANSA for the AS/400 is capable of handling Null-capable fields containing null values for both input and output in externally described database files (i.e OTHER files)
Archived Command to create LANSA Listener subsystem
Creating the LANSA listener within its own subsystem by creating a user defined command and CL program to create the needed objects
Archived EPC Logging on your AS/400
The [email protected] file will contain details of which EPCs have been added to the LANSA system
Archived An expansion on the Group Job/Attention Key theme
This example provides a flexible way of using the attention program facility by making the command executed VARIABLE
Archived Bulk load of OTHER files
New optional facility allows the definitions of a number of OTHER files to be made known to LANSA
Archived Making multiple AS/400 files known to LANSA automatically
A handy tool to import multiple non-LANSA files into the LANSA Repository
Archived Making multiple AS/400 files known to LANSA automatically
A handy tool to import multiple non-LANSA files into the LANSA Repository
Archived User defined RDML Built-in function
It is possible to write user defined built in functions via a LANSA function instead of via a 3GL program
Archived Positioning in a file using the SELECT command
Using the number of keys parameter of the SELECT command instead of *STARTKEY WHERE( ) and defining work fields to save the values of the key fields
Archived Dynamic help text maintenance
UPDATE or ADD Help Text to fields within an application whilst the application was running
Archived The effect of using triggers to evaluate virtual fields
A SELECT with a WHERE condition is evaluated slightly differently on LANSA for iSeries and LANSA Open (and LANSA Client)
Archived Seat based licences
How do the seat based licences like Dnn work, what is checked, how many sessions are available, how many log on's are permitted?
Archived When and what do I re-compile?
When and what do I re-compile?
Archived V7.5 Impact analysis example
Display all functions which have been exported since a date
Archived Joining files using OPNQRYF An example of how to join files using OPNQRYF  
Archived Avoid recursive calls in LANSA functions when using ATTN-key
LANSA ATTN program for LANSA
Archived Warning about Fetch fields
Be careful when using parameters *ALL, *ALL_REAL and *ALL_VIRT - only use them when necessary
Archived Converting an S/36 DIRECT file into a LANSA file
Steps to convert an S/36 DIRECT file into a LANSA file
Archived Printing in A4 format in LANSA for the AS/400
A printed document might not have A4 format although the printer file has A4 format in its definition
Archived The Developer Services facility
How can "Developer Services" be used to facilitate communications during testing between developers and testers?
Archived Formatting output in LANSA
Sometimes, after creating all necessary logical files when writing an application on the AS/400, a "special" requirement arises for some other more specific or generic searching requirement
Archived Using multilingual definitions in multilingual environments
Multilingual definitions for a particular language should be typed in using a display device and keyboard descriptions set for that language
Archived Accessing remote files from LANSA using DDM
Accessing remote files from LANSA using the OS/400 Distributed Data Management (DDM) facility
Archived Column heading width on screens and reports in multilingual partitions
When adding a field to the screen or a report, the column headings are wider than necessary. This could be caused by the column heading widths in other languages.
Archived Using Hex colors to give LANSA fields color
It is possible in LANSA for the AS/400 to use hex codes to give the value of fields specific colors
Archived V6.5 Using missing parameters on the LANSA SUBMIT command
The LANSA SUBMIT command does not have all the possible parameters that the AS/400 CL command SBMJOB has. However, all the possible extra parameters can be defined via a special User Exit Program
Archived Using 10 character filenames
The permanent file override facility gives the ability to use files that are not standard LANSA file names
Archived Writing your own User Defined Built-in Functions
In an RDML function standard supplied built-in functions (BIF's) can be used to manipulate dates, numeric and character strings, etc. BIF's can also be written by the user
Archived Finding the length of a string in LANSA
A couple of different ways to find out how many characters there are in a string
Archived What is Function Routing in LANSA?
Function Routing allows the automatically (re)routing of invocations of a function to another function at execution time without changing a program
Archived Conditioning the execution of virtual code
Conditioning the execution of virtual code based on whether a field has been requested in a LANSA I/O command. This can improve the execution of an I/O module
Archived Easy way to find out your LANSA/AD release and PC level
This program provides an easy way to to find out which release and PC level you have for LANSA for the AS/400
Archived Using PANEL_IDs to help remote problem solving in LANSA code
What are those funny numbers that appear in the top left hand corner of screens in LANSA Applications?
Archived Reducing the size of LANSA applications
Functions compiled with observability and debug are much bigger than those compiled with these compile settings turned off
Archived Automating mass compilations in LANSA
Mass Compilation Example: Compiling I/O modules with observability intact, when moving from CISC to RISC
Archived Suggested tips for improving an application's performance
Tips for improving application performance
Archived Creating Help Text using MS-WORD and transferring it into LANSA/AD
It is possible to create help text using MS-WORD and then transfer this help text into LANSA for the AS/400 on the AS/400
Archived Advanced Function Printing (AFP)
Advanced Function Printing (AFP)
Archived New Keywords on [email protected] data area
There are several new keywords on the [email protected] data area