The Developer Services facility

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA for the AS/400
Abstract: How "Developer Services" can be used to facilitate communications during testing between developers and testers
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

The Developer Services facility (a standard module of the LANSA for the AS/400 environment) has been specially developed to assist, during the test phase(s), in supporting projects developed using LANSA. Testing is an important part of the complete development cycle. An enormous amount of paper is used to describe all the different types of tests to be performed and the test results are then recorded on another vast amount of paper. One part of the Developer Services, the option ‘Developer Messages' , makes this use of paper superfluous by allowing all the test details and results to be registered electronically.

When the Messages function key (F14) is used in LANSA, a popup window is displayed containing several options. The LANSA command has to have the parameter ALLOW_MSGS(*YES) included when LANSA/AD is started, to have the Developer Services option available in this window.

The Developer Messages option can be used for any of the following:

  • To attach messages to any LANSA object (temporarily or permanently).
  • To allow developers and end users to send and receive messages to/from each other.
  • To serve as an electronic mail/memo mechanism for LANSA objects.
  • Any messages sent are displayed as soon as a user accesses the particular object.
  • To replace the huge amount of paper wasted during test phases.

When the option ‘Work with Developer Messages' is chosen, a menu is displayed and, depending on the selection chosen, existing developer messages can be viewed (for example). These messages can be those sent to a certain object in LANSA or to a certain user/developer.

Build List

If a correct selection was chosen, the messages available for a certain type of object and/or for a particular user can be accessed.

Work with Messages

New messages can also be added as follows:

Work with Messages

The environment in which the Developer Services tool can be used is amendable and extendable, as desired. A standard category code table is available but you can amend and add to this table depending on your company's standards and requirements. The standard category code table contains the following information:

Work with Messages

By sending messages directly to a LANSA object, the developer and/or tester is informed of, and can access, these messages whenever they try to access the object.