Using PANEL_IDs to help remote problem solving in LANSA code

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA for the AS/400
Abstract: What are those funny numbers that appear in the top left hand corner of screens in LANSA Applications?
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

In LANSA applications a code appears in the top left hand corner of each screen generated by the DISPLAY, REQUEST or POP_UP RDML commands. This code is called a panel identifier.

This can be used in remote problem solving, to identify the exact location in a function that a user is having difficulties with.

How does it work?

The PANEL_ID parameter in the function definition controls the panel identifier.

The default option is *AUTO, meaning that LANSA will make up a panel identifier based on the function name and the line number. With a sensible process and function naming convention it will be easy to find exactly where a difficulty arises. For example, process AAAAPROC01 contains functions AAAA010, AAAA020 etc. If a user is having difficulty with a screen containing panel identifier AAAA020167 it is easy to see that this problem occurs on line 167 of function AAAA020.

The PANEL_ID parameter also allows the definition of a panel identifier (up to ten characters long), or to choose *NONE and not generate any panel identifiers (this last option is not recommended).

Finally, it is possible to get LANSA to ignore the defined panel identifier by setting up the partition definitions to not display panel identifiers, or if SAA/CUA standards do not apply to the partition. However, it is recommended that panel identifiers are always used.

On a related point, the PANEL TITLE parameter in the function definition allows the derivation of panel titles from function descriptions. This is the default option and the advantage of it is that the title can be multilingual if the function description is multilingual. Alternatively, the user can define a panel title of up to forty characters long.