Reducing the size of LANSA applications

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA for the AS/400
Abstract: Functions compiled with observability and debug are much bigger than those compiled with these compile settings turned off.
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

When LANSA is installed on an AS/400 the default compile setting for program observability and debug is "yes".

This means that when a function is compiled, the generated RPG allows the function to run in debug mode. This is obviously useful when testing the function. However, as with most extended functionality, there is an overhead. By setting these two options to "yes", the size of the generated RPG program is dramatically increased.

In a test environment, a 20 line function was created. When compiled without debug and observability, the generated RPG code took up 48K of disk space. When re-compiled with debug and observability, the same piece of code occupied an additional 104K, an increase of over 300%. The percentage increase follows an exponential rather than a linear path, depending on the number of additional RDML lines.

The default settings for the compile options debug and observability are held in the data area [email protected] at position 400. Replace the default "Y" with an "N" if you do not want to compile with debug and observability.

If your LANSA application has already been compiled with debug on, there is a utility available free of charge to maintenance paying customers to remove observability. This CL program is in the library [email protected] which is available with all upgrade tapes.

This and other utilities are documented in the Open System Utilities manual.