Backup LANSA for Windows Database

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA for Windows
Abstract: A solution to back up LANSA for Windows database via Windows NT scheduler.
Submitted By: LANSA Amsterdam

When LANSA for Windows is used to develop applications on a central Windows NT Server (with a number of dependent Clients), the SQL Anywhere database must be activated on the server before the Client PC's can log on. The SQL Anywhere database usually remains constantly active on the server which can cause problems when trying to start the Windows NT backup procedure. The active database will not be saved (this concerns the LANSA files LX_LANSA.db and LX_LANSA.log).

A possible solution to this problem is to start a job via the Windows NT scheduler which will stop the database, then run the backup and finally restart the database.

To stop the database use the following command:

dbstop -s "uid=DBA;pwd=SQL;agent=server;unconditional=true"

Starting the database goes as follows (where L: is the server drive containing SQL Anywhere):

L:\appl\sqlany50\win32\dbsrv50.exe -n LX_LANSA -p 4096