Calling W3@P2600 from a trigger function

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA for the Web
Abstract: Parameter fields to call W3@P2600 required to be defined with the full length.
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


The program W3@P2600 is supplied with LANSA for the WEB. It allows Web components to be (re)built from data contained in a file on the AS/400. This program can be called in a trigger function that fires up after any change occurs in a file. The program will rebuild the Web component according to the latest changes. Please refer to the Developer's View for more details.

A limitation of RPG calling ILE/ C prevents the successful execution of W3@P2600 when called from a trigger function unless the parameter fields used are defined with their full length. Alternatively, if using literals instead of fields, they will have to be padded out to their full length. The length of the parameter fields are (type is alphanumeric):

Parameter Length
Partition name 3
Component name 20
Type of visualisation 1
File name 21
Field name for value 10
Field name for description 10

Since LANSA for Web H5, a Built in Function (WEB_BUILD_COMPONENT) can be used in the RDML function to call W3@P2600 in place of a direct call to W3@P2600.