Cleaning up LANSA for Web jobs and resources

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA for Web
Abstract: Run the LANSA for Web clean up program otherwise, the Transaction Monitor might not be started
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

LANSA for Web provides two clean up programs: [email protected], for Model A (i.e. single AS/400 Web and Application/Database Server); and, [email protected], for Model B (i.e. multiple AS/400s).

The clean up program should be run when the AS/400 is shut down or started up (i.e. IPLed). Its purpose is to reset the Transaction Monitor (terminating the LANSA for Web jobs that are still active), and to clean up the resources used by LANSA for Web (e.g. Data Queues, Data Area flags, etc.)

Although the LANSA for Web-Developer's View Guide suggests to invoke the clean up program during shutting down or starting up, it seems more convenient to invoke the program during start up (because the shutdown might have not completed successfully –e.g. due to a power failure).

Failing to clean the Web enabled system up properly, may cause errors when trying to start the Transaction Monitor again. A typical symptom of this is the presence of many active LANSA for Web jobs, but without the Transaction Monitor running.

The clean up program can be invoked with a single parameter (i.e. the LANSA Program library) or without any. For example:

CALL PGM([email protected]) PARM(‘[email protected]')

… will clean up the [email protected] system and its related Web working library.

With several Web enabled LANSA systems, it is recommended NOT to use the same Web working library since the clean up for one system would clear the common Web working library, and cause unexpected results on the other systems.

When the program is invoked without parameters, it will clean up all the active LANSA systems.