Upgrade LANSA for Windows on multiple client machines using Just-In-Time upgrade

Date: 6 September 2005
Product/Release: LANSA for Windows
Abstract: JIT scenarios to upgrade LANSA on client machines using JIT Upgrade
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Last Review: November 2010

"Just-In-Time" (JIT) upgrade facility is used for downloading software from the Application Server. It simplifies the process of deploying versions of an application to many clients.

Often you will want to upgrade your application server and your clients to the latest version of LANSA. Depending on your JIT deployment environment there are 2 possible scenarios:

Scenario 1. "DLL Upgrade"

Using DLL Upgrade will automatically download partition executables (DLLs) from the Application Server, to replace out-of-date DLLs on clients machines.

To upgrade multiple clients using this scenario will first requires an upgrade of LANSA for Windows on the Application Server.

For clients machines, use the Deployment Tool to create a package for ONLY the execution environment and deploy the package to a location that is accessible to all users (eg. a central server).

This is the only way of upgrading the clients to the latest executables (DLLs).

Scenario 2. "Package Upgrade"

Package Upgrade is used to download new packages from the Application Server. Hence, this method makes LANSA upgrades on clients machines even easier.

Using this scenario you would simply deploy a new package to be installed on the clients that would contain the updated execution environment images.

One of the major advantages of the package type of JIT upgrade (besides being able to upgrade LANSA execution environment on the client) is a faster Start-Up time. This is because the package upgrade will only look for the existence of a package but a DLL Upgrade will look for every DLL individually.