The meaning of the Task ID states

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA/AD
Abstract: Task Ids can have 4 states. Below is a summary of the meaning of these states
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It is possible for a task ID to be in one of 4 possible states. Two of these states are set automatically and 2 can be changed by the user. The basic explanations of the state of a task are as follows:

"OPN" Open

When the Task ID has been just created and has not been assigned to any object i.e. no objects have been created using this task ID.

"WRK" Working

When a Task Id has been assigned to an object. It becomes "WRK" after the first assignment and remains in this state until someone will set it to "CLS" or "FIN". This is the status that the task will maintain while work is being performed on the objects it's assigned to.

"CLS" Closed

Means that the Task Id cannot be used anymore and the object assigned to this task Id will remain locked to it until someone will change its status to "FIN". A task ID is set to closed by the user from the Housekeeping -> Work with Tasks

"FIN" Finished

Means that the Task Id cannot be assigned any longer and if there were objects assigned to this Task Id (locked), they will be released. After finishing a Task Id, another Task Id can be assigned to an object previously locked by the "CLS" status.

A typical scenario would be for a task ID to be opened when some work needs to be performed on an object. While the object is being changed the task ID will have a status of WRK. Once the changes have been made the task is set to CLS (the object is still assigned to the task ID at this stage). If further changes need to be made to the object then this task ID should be set to finished which means the lock on the object is released and can now be assigned to another task.

Note: Task status cannot be changed from 'CLS' to 'OPN' or 'WRK'. Task status cannot be changed from 'FIN' to any other status.