Model B (or Multi-Tier) Web server configuration

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA for the Web
Abstract: Web Server Configuration for Model B (or Multi-Tier) Deployment.
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

A Model B (or Multi-Tier) Deployment for LANSA for the Web, involves two AS/400's, one performing the Web serving tasks while the other contains the corporate data.

If LANSA is installed on the Web Serving AS/400, the Web Administrator utility can be used to configure the LANSA for the Web component on the AS/400. This allows the definition of the AS/400 to be used as the Application/Data server and the selection of communications protocol between the two AS/400's.

But LANSA for the Web also provides an administration program for the Web Serving AS/400 called [email protected] This AS/400 program allows the set up of LANSA for the Web to recognize the Application Serving AS/400. This program is installed in the administration library on your AS/400.

After configuring a system using the Web Administrator utility, this administration program must still be run on the Web Server to establish communications between the Web Serving AS/400 and the Application Serving AS/400.

On calling this program, take option 1, Work with Communication Routing to establish the communications between the two AS/400s. The options in the [email protected] program are similar to the options provided in the LANSA for the Web Administrator.

Note: This Communication Routing information can also be established through the LANSA CONFIGURE feature. Select the COMMS_ROUTING_RECS from COMMS_EXTENSIONS.