Ending LCOTP.EXE jobs with Task Manager

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA for Windows, LANSA Open, in Super Server mode connecting to a NT Server
Abstract: Manually deleting lcotp.exe jobs will impact seat based licences
Submitted By: External

The listener running on NT servers executes under the name LCOLIST. Each incoming connection request from the Client (s) submits a job called LCOTP (equivalent to the TPnnnnnn submitted by the listener on the AS/400). In the same way as on the AS/400 the TPnnnnnn jobs can be ended via the AS/400 ENDJOB command, on NT you can use Task Manager, select the job and click on End Task and the LCOTP job will be terminated.

Killing a LCOTP job in this manner will have an impact on seat based licenced system because the seat licence will not be released. Otherwise, if LCOTP ends normally or abnormally, the seats are released. This is only a problem for seat licences, as unlimited licences do not require semaphores to be used to control access.

The only way to release the seat is to reboot the server.