Deploying a SuperServer client application to another partition

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA for Windows
Abstract: Steps for deploying a SuperServer client application to another partition
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

A problem occurs when using the Package Option – "Deploy to Client without local database" to create a package that is to execute in a different partition to the packaging partition. On the client, at execution time, after deploying the application an error message saying "Unable to get partition definition from SQL table LX_F46. Possible installation/config/setup error." occurs.  The reason for this error is that the *sysexport that is performed when creating a SuperServer client package is partition specific (in this case the packaging partition). Therefore at execution time there are no details of the execution partition.

This document describes the steps required to create a package, using the Deployment Tool, from the development environment/partition that will execute an application without a local internal database using another partition. E.g. Development occurs in partition DEV, but the customer's application runs in partition PRD.

  1. Complete all development and testing in the DEV partition
  2. Create a New database and Partition in the development environment for PRD
  3. Create a package from the DEV partition for installing to the local PRD partition that has a database. (ie. Make sure the SETUP parameters specify the database name and type where partition PRD exists. Using the package template XSTNDALN will have many of the required options selected.)
  4. Install the package into the PRD partition.
  5. Create a new package from partition PRD with all the settings required for shipping to the customer. The Package Option – "Deploy to Client without local database" will now create the .XQ* files with the partition PRD

Please review and understand fully these steps before attempting to use them. This procedure can be repeated for as many partitions as needed.